Called these guys to get my new Model 3 coated with opticoat. Making the appointment was seamless. They are so amazing at what they do that the minute I drove my brand new car there they were able to see various issues that I hadn’t noticed when I picked up the car the day before (paint defects, touch up spots on the car from pebble strikes on the car when it was on the car carrier, and a small dent in one of the panels, as well as a tire issue). They told me exactly what Tesla needed to fix and needless to say once it was done I took it right back to them for the coating. They immediately noticed that Tesla hadn’t put the badge back on after repainting it so even went out of their way to pick it up for me from Tesla to put it back on. They were so flexible that they were able to drop the car off to me when it was done and I trust them wholeheartedly to drive it, knowing exactly how much care they put into everything they do. The car looked amazing afterwards. I can’t say enough about Jordan, Tony, and California Detail Studio. I trust them implicitly with my car and am so happy I found them. Go with these guys, you can’t go wrong. The best customer service I have ever experienced with incredible results.

Damien R., Glendale, CA