Your car is nearly perfect in every way — from the showroom shine paint to the buttery-soft leather interior — the aesthetics are important to you!

You’re invested in your car — you want it to operate and look amazing — which is why car detailing is never a thing of vanity, it’s just a part of being a good car owner. It’s important to keep it protected with an automotive ceramic coating as you travel the wide open roads and preserve the interior for the ultimate car that you can enjoy over the years.

At California Detail Studio, we commit to a high-quality car detailing that not only includes the basics, but beyond the everyday wash and vacuum and into the car coatings and interior seat protection. In today’s blog we’ll explore what to look for in detailing services so your car always exudes showroom-quality looks.

Car Detailing in the Age of Information!

Nowadays, there is so much information out there on forums and on websites that go into great detail about how to, well, detail your own vehicle. There’s really no secret and anyone could effectively detail their own car, but the question is, is that something you want to invest your time into?

DIY car detailing takes a lot of time — a couple of hours out of your day — not to mention you need the space and the setup to get things just right. This is why many people leave it to the professionals!

If your time is precious and you don’t want the hassle of having to buy and set up a car detailing station at your home, work with a team of car detailing professionals who can do it right every time! Below we offer a little guidance in what to look for in a car detailing company!

Good Reviews

The most accurate, real-time information you can get is from word of mouth — and if there is anything people love sharing, it’s their good or bad experiences with businesses!

Because your car is something you take great pride in, ask someone with a similar car where they take theirs. Tesla is a popular car model around this neighborhood, and there are plenty of forums and people who can offer up a great detailing company!

A Great Website

A great car detailing company also has a great website — and even better, a gallery of photos of completed projects. Take a look at what they offer and how they set themselves apart.

Do they have a special membership or a package you can purchase? Get the most out of a company and what they can offer!


Perhaps you have one daily driver that is an extension of you — finding a car detailing place that you can trust and that is convenient is the objective. A neighborhood location is key but if there isn’t one around, the next best thing is finding one that will chauffeur you around while your car is being serviced.

While there are many things to look for in a car detailing company, it’s important to know a little bit beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

For more information on all of our services, reach out today!