Our professional car detailing goes beyond just a car wash and implements the Opti-Coat maintenance and decon wash for ultimate protection!

Opti-Coat Maintenance Wash

Starting at:

  • Cars: $50
  • Trucks & Small SUV’S: $60
  • Large SUV’S: $70

Safe, Swirl Free Hand Wash

We start our wash with an ONR pre-soak. This will help encapsulate and break down dirt before we touch the paint. We then continue with our safe Optimum No Rinse wash process. We then make sure all door jambs, trunk jambs, and hood jambs are cleaned as well.

Paint Dried With Opti-Coat Hyper Seal

We then dry the paintwork with a plush, high-quality microfiber towel and Opti-Coat Hyper Seal. Opti-Coat Hyper Seal was designed specifically for Opti-Coated vehicles and is meant to be an ultra slick and glossy topper for Opti-Coat Pro and Pro+

Wheel Faces, Wheel Barrels, and Wheel Wells Cleaned

Thoroughly cleaning wheel faces, wheel barrels, and wheel wells is a step that is commonly overlooked at most auto detail centers. We make sure these areas are taken care of, as it is small intricate areas like these that will take your detail to the next level.

Glass Cleaned to Streak-Free Finish

All of your vehicles glass both inside and out will be cleaned and streak free.

Exhaust Tips Polished

We make sure to clean and polish exhaust tips to a brilliant shine.

Opti-Coat Decon Wash


Starting at:

  • Cars: $100
  • Trucks & Small SUV’S: $120
  • Large SUV’S: $140
  • Chemical Decontamination

Our chemical decontamination step will remove any iron particles stuck in the coating that a normal wash cannot remove.