Protection Options

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

Protects Vehicle from chemical/uv damage

Ease of maintenance and increased shine

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Xpel Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Protects vehicle from physical damage


Opti-Coat and PPF Combo

Protects vehicle from physical damage

Protects vehicle from physical and chemical/UV damage

Ease of maintenance and increased shine


You take pride in your car. Protect its beauty through an authorized Opti-Coat installer who is an expert at working on high-end vehicles. Depending on your needs there are 3 levels of Opti-Coat service you can choose. Whichever route you take, this coating will provide a higher gloss, slicker finish, and excellent resistance to scratches, chemicals, or other environmental effects.

Surround your car with an invisible shield of protection from chips, dents, swirl marks, and other damage from both chemical and environmental elements. XPEL Ultimate Plus  paint protection film uses a clear, glossy urethane layer to protect your car's paint from anything life can throw at it. Choose from partial-front, full-front, or full-vehicle options, and if you're looking for more of a matte finish, consider XPEL Stealth™ protection film.

Our most popular protection option for Tesla’s or any other vehicle is our Xpel Paint Protection Film and Opti-Coat Ceramic Combo. PPF is applied to the front end of the vehicle (hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors) while Opti-Coat is applied to all painted surfaces as well as the PPF. This option will give you all around the most protection for your vehicle