Because it only takes a single scratch to ruin your showroom shine!

It only takes one time — that solitary scratch or anxiety-inducing hail storm to wreck your factory finish paint and evoke the worse kind of OCD (we like to call it obsessive car disorder) — the kind where you have reoccurring thoughts about said scratch even if no else knows it’s there, you do!

Ditch the anxiety and sink into a PPF that protects! When you partner with California Detail Studio, you get premier car protection with our industry-leading products and services. Join us in today’s post as we examine PPFs and why they should be a top priority for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Films

PPFs are also commonly known as clear bras or protective films and the objective is for them to quell scratches, bird droppings, bugs, road debris, and the effects of extreme weather to better preserve your paint aesthetics.

What are the benefits of a PPF?

Besides being extremely protective, they’re great for a variety of things — find out all about them below!

Preserves your showroom shine.

When you invest in a car, you want it to look as good as it did the day it left the dealership — a PPF does this! It provides you with a piece of mind in addition to the protection that keeps the color from fading.

Improves the resale value.

Chances are, you won’t part with this vehicle for a while, but when you do, a PPF can add to the resale value. When it comes to cars, they decrease in value by the year, and what you think you should get for the car, is never the same when it comes to private buyers and especially in car dealerships.

A PPF may change this. You can’t argue price much on a pristine exterior — invest in a PPF now, and get a better trade-in or resale value later!

Car washes are a breeze.

Whether you enjoy putting a little elbow grease into keeping your car spotless or take it in for a car wash, cleaning it becomes a breeze. Our PPF naturally repels dust so there is less dirt buildup and the car can simply be wiped off and rinsed for a quick and easy cleanup.

Resists environmental damage.

Over time, regardless of how your car is housed and meticulously taken care of, it can acquire environmental damage from sun and even heavy air pollution. Both environmental issues cause discoloration and fading to your car’s paint. When you apply a PPF you get a long-lasting protection that prevents this type of damage.

Resists chemical damage.

If you live in an area that is humid, rust can manifest. Other chemicals used on the roads such as deicers can not only chip away at the paint but lead to fading. A PPF is a perfect barrier to prevent rust and other chemical damage that can amass over time.  

If you haven’t coated your car in a PPF just yet or are planning on driving home a new vehicle soon, a PPF is a must!

Protect your car (and your sanity) today with a PPF application from us!