Your guide to paint protection films that protect luxury vehicles from a myriad of elements that can ding and scratch your car.

Whether you’re roaming State Route 1 through the Pacific coastline or driving to and from work in your Tesla (or any other high performing luxury vehicle), you’re subjecting your car to the open road. As much as we want that showroom shine to last, the open road is home to some of the harshest conditions that can quell the appearance of the paint.

What is the solution to keeping your car in pristine condition? The products and services from California Detail studio — we’re the only thing between you and adventuring the California coast! Learn more about XPEL, a paint protection film that is perfect for preserving the like-new aesthetic of your vehicle.

Born to Perform: XPEL Ultimate Plus

You’ve invested a lot into your vehicle, so it’s vital that you protect it from the perils of the road. From unfortunate events such as small parking scraps and bumps to road debris, dirt, bird droppings, and the forces of mother nature! Preserve your showroom shone with an XPEL application from California Detail Studio.

How XPEL Protects Your Car  

There are many paint protection films (PPF) on the market, but none can even match the quality, consistency, and durability of XPEL. With XPEL you get a glossier, long-lasting, and virtually invisible coating that luxury vehicle owners can trust.

Different ways the PPF is applied:

  • Partial front – The PPF is applied to the front of your car’s bumper and the tops of the side mirrors. This is a great introductory to XPEL.
  • Full front – This covers the front end and mirrors of your car — keeping it safe from scratches, dings, and debris.
  • Full vehicle – This option allows you to protect and cover your whole vehicle — when you invest in the full-coverage your car is expertly preserved and your car’s paint is perfectly protected.  

Get the ultimate protection from XPEL paint protection film.

The XPEL Difference

XPEL leads the industry with their PPFs. Below are just a couple of examples of how they’re doing it!

Self-Healing Protection

What other PPF can self-heal? If you happen to get a scratch or blemish on your car, when exposed to heat, the XPEL PPF can eliminate these over time.

Stain Resistance

Not only is your car subject to extreme weather, but stains can get the best of it too. Steer clear from grime, bugs, bird droppings, and pollution with an XPEL PPF. This PPF will never yellow which other alternatives can, leaving your car the same color and condition as when you drove it home from the dealership.

Premier, Glossy Finish

With XPEL you get a finish that will never tarnish, one that is practically invisible and indistinguishable from the original paint.

Design Access Program (DAP)

Concerned about the fit? Toss your worries aside — our DAP has a vast database of patterns and we can custom fit any car.

When it comes to your luxury vehicle, you need luxury protection that is durable enough to withstand everything the road can throw your way!

Stay protected and schedule an XPEL PPF with us today!